Lending Products

Arti has made access to capital much easier for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Whether you are starting or scaling your business, Arti is here to help. With loan products up to $1M from over 25 different lenders, we can help meet any of your capital needs.

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Lending Products

The right loans for your business

Working capital loan

Working capital loans are like a quick cash boost for businesses. Think of it as having an extra tank of gas when your car runs low, helping you continue the journey without stopping. For small businesses, this loan can be a lifesaver. It provides the funds needed to cover everyday costs, ensuring operations run smoothly, especially during times when money is tight.

Whether it's to pay for utilities, staff, or stock up on inventory, working capital loans help businesses stay on their feet and keep growing.

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Merchant cash advance

A merchant cash advance is like getting an advance on your business's future sales. Imagine if your shop had a crystal ball, and you knew you'd make good sales next month. Instead of waiting, you get money up-front based on those future sales. Then, as actual sales come in, you repay the advance.

For businesses that have regular credit card sales, like cafes or boutiques, this method offers a flexible way to get funds. It's especially helpful when there's a sudden need for cash, be it for a new opportunity or an unexpected expense.

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Business line of credit

A business line of credit is like having a safety net for your company's finances. Picture it as a special bank account you can tap into when the need arises. For instance, if you're granted access to $100,000 and you utilize $50,000 for a project, you'd only pay interest on that $50,000. This provides businesses the elasticity to manage unforeseen expenses, capitalize on timely opportunities, or simply keep funds on standby for any curveballs.

And the great part? Once you pay back the $50,000, it's available for you to draw upon once more!

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Personal Micro Loans

Personal microloans are like small financial boosts for life's unexpected moments. Imagine suddenly needing to repair your car or cover an urgent medical bill. Instead of stressing about where to find the money, you can quickly get a small loan to cover the cost. It's not a huge sum, but just enough to handle immediate expenses.

For individuals, this means having a way to navigate short-term financial hurdles without diving deep into debt. It's about getting the right amount of help, right when you need it.

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